Behind the Scenes of Flying with Gordon

Right now, you’re getting an exclusive (not really😂) look at how “Flying with Gordon” is planned and carried out!! I am going to show you the apps that I use to plan my flights…

First up, is the Fly Delta app!! This app is where it all starts. Using the Fly Delta app, I chose the flight(s) that I am going to fly and receive the crucial information to make my flight realistic. (Gate numbers, flying time, aircraft, and time of departure and arrival)

Next, is FlightAware!! Using FlightAware, I am able to copy the actual flight plan from the flight(s) that I am mocking. I can also see the cruising altitudes and speeds that the actual flights have chosen.

After that, I use the Windy app!! Using the windy app, I am able to determine if the seatbelt sign will remain on or off. I can also determine if I need to alter the flight plan to get around high winds. The coolest thing is that the app shows the different wind speeds at different altitudes. So, if I have to climb or descend to get out of winds and turbulence, I can do so using the windy app 😁

Next, would be the popular FlightRadar24!! I simply use FlightRadar24 to track where the flight I’m mocking is. Most of the time, the real flight and I are in the same place!! (Thanks to FlightAware flight planning)

Lastly, we have LiveFlight!! Using LiveFlight, I am able to track where I am!!! I am able to see what state and cities I am flying over. I can also see my ROC, ROD, altitude, and airspeed. LiveFlight was definitely a great idea.

As you can see, flying with Gordon is something that I am dedicated to and I like to be precise when flying. I have literally quit flights before because I made mistakes. (No, I’m not crazy 😂) I have a whole page on my IPad with 737-800/900er routes for Delta. I also have pages with ATC patterns and my breakdown to reading METAR!! Also, I use these apps on my IPad while I do the flying on my IPhone. This has been a behind the scenes look at “Flying with Gordon”. Y’all enjoy the rest of your day 😁


@JGordon I like the way you plan your flights! I have a very similar way of doing my flights to make them as realistic as possible. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you!! You as well, I’ve been watching 👨🏾‍✈️😎

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Another great website with all the weather information you could ever wish for is Aviation Weather Center.


I will be sure to check it out 👍🏾👨🏾‍✈️😎

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