Behind the scenes: Creating liveries for airliners!

Here, you’ll see a CRJ900 with outlines. The first layer is locked to be a template. I am going to be designing some liveries. I do not want any suggestions below, as this takes a very long time to produce. Thanks for understanding. I’ll post photos once I finish some liveries.

UPDATE: One livery is going to be completed soon. It takes a lot of patience to do this!

UPDATE: I will reveal the new livery in a new topic!

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC (2015)

all them layers doe.

Starting a new one with a 787-8!


Well what web site is this

The software is in the description.

What livery are you working on currently? :)


It’s a secret

Based on a real livery or brand new one?

Neither, I design my own liveries. But I’m making a new livery design.

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Not a website it’s some Adobe CC program. Can’t make it out.

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It’s in the description! It is Adobe Illustrator!

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Ok thanks anyway

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