Behaviour on Expert: why are we ok with this?

Hi, everyone.
At your convenience, please watch the movie below, and keep a close eye on the A350 Qatar.

Since when is this behaviour allowed on the Expert server?
“He’s just a troll.” Right. But is letting go ok, though? Is it ok NOT talking about these experiences? Staying silent will only empower these people.

I am not sure if the rumour has spread, and everyone knows that the “Report” button won’t take any action. But for the last week, this has happened on many occasions on the Expert server.
I’m working hard to keep my grade. I continue to learn about aviation and its rules, I try my best to apply them in the game, and I am sure there are more people like me.
But is it ok to share the same space with someone who gives zero f**ks about all that?

I’m looking forward to 20.1. Until then, I’ll be on Solo.
Love you all. ❤️

Marius out.


This behaviour is not allowed on the Expert Server - but whenever there are no mods or ATC around - people decide to do this because they know they can get away with it.

It’s annoying I know - but it happens.
Also the video doesn’t work


During this pandemic, many inexperienced pilots have been boosted from the casual server to expert, due to the amount of time they have, they will eventually learn. As of now, ignore them, only Infiniteflight staff or IFATC can report them. And just to make thing clear:

  1. The report button does not work for you.
  2. We are not ok with this.

Happy flying! 👨‍✈️

Ace out! ✌️


Thanks, BennyBoy. It’s a Dropbox link, it’ll take a minute to load. Sorry about that.

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I would contact a moderator and see if there is anything that they can do in the future, I agree that it’s awful when such things happen on that server. It’s simply not right.


Doesn’t load at all after 5 minutes - try uploading it via YouTube as not everyone has DropBox

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Worked for me 🤷‍♂️

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Will likely do so. Many thanks, Chatta! 🙏


The video is still not loading for me.

Many people dont know what the expert server is for. They think is just fun like the other servers. When they see other people’s behavior they will learn to have an expert server atitude. Btw, I thought I had internet issues, but the vid is not loading.

I don’t even know what dropbox is, also most trolls I know go for reactionsso whenever I’m getting trolled I ignore them and most of the time they go away.

Literally saw someone attempt to land at 220kts the other day, should be 100kts lower than that. Absolute disgrace how people behave. I’m realism police as well.
75% of the people on expert should be on training.


No. we are not okay with this. i do not now why he did this, but it is not okay on expert.

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the problem is is that half the people on expert right now probably don’t have an IFC account and you can’t message them to get them to stop.

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Well, I’m not scared of expert anymore.

Video is on YouTube now, let me know if you see it.

i can see it now…thanks!

This happens all the time for me. Last time i was taking off from Amsterdam, and as soon as tower disconnected (i was lined up), a pilot entered the runway and took off with me right inside my aircraft. I really hope they make a server for Grade 4/5 users only, make the grade 3 requirements significantly harder or introduce a test for you to access the server just like IFATC.
By the way your video works fine for me and i don’t have dropbox.

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Thanks, GBKarp.
Try the video now? It’s on YouTube.

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How about now?