Beginning Stages // The Official Virtual Airline Manager App

Virtual Airline Manager App
By FlyVirtual Development Studios- Owned By American Virtual

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-Login Page
-Home Page that displays a pilots profile as well as announcements and events
-Flight logging/ Ranks/ keeps track of hours
-Ability to add a fleet
-Integrated slack (Possibly)
-Admin panel

Note: These features are not final. Some could be changed, added and/or added. We will keep you all updated on the progress of the app.


The pricing for the app has not yet been decided, however we do know we will offer various ways to pay for the app. We can say it won’t be free due to the costs that we are paying up front that need to be payed off.

(This App Is For VAs/VOs Only)

Development Process

Right now the app is in its beginning stages, meaning we have a lot to do before we go into alpha, then beta.

When the app is ready for Virtual Airlines, the CEO of a Virtual Airline wanting the app will need to PM @Chris_Hoover and in a single PM so we can get things sorted out and set up for your airline. Please avoid PMing us about getting the app now as we are no where near the time of release.

Closing Remarks

This app is going to change the Virtual Airline world. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reply below or PM us! We will try to answer your questions as best as we can.

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Looks great guys good luck,I’m looking forward to this

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Looks very exciting. Thai Virtual waits with bated breath :)

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Of all the third party apps, I have never been so excited to see one as this. I do have some questions and then you can take all my money…

  1. Will the VA be able to customize the background, add photos, design their own features, or will it be an app where we can get it and pay for it and what’s there is there?

  2. Do you think think it might be pricey? Are we looking at $10 to downloads or is it cheaper? Because I’m sure a lot of others back me when I say that it’ll be hard to convince 50 pilots to buy an app just solely for our va.

  3. Here’s my money 💰 💴 💵

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Suggestion would be to only have one person pay for the app and have it link to a web app or something.

I like that suggestion, I’m willing to pay for my group. This way might be the only to make it successful in my personal opinion.

Yes, each VA will receive an admin panel for their app where they can customize what they need to.

We are still unsure about a price, however we are thinking it will be a flat fee for each VA

I think that would be dependent on how many users they can draw into downloading the app. I wouldn’t pay to have only a handful of people see my VO. It would essentially be a huge ad.


I am very glad to hear that :)

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Not every pilot has to pay. Just 1 person.

I legit have never been this excited for a third party app. If it works, you can consider me your launch customer. Well done Chris and AAVA.

AAVA is going to be the test group (for alpha and beta). If everything is all set then we will gladly have you as a launch customer. Stay tuned for updates on the app :)

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Bookmarked, full on tracking mode, and stalking mode :)

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I like the app idea, but…

  1. Will the app be compatible with VAM? Or will the VA have to create an entire new database?

  2. What makes the app different from VAM?

  3. What will make me want to pay for this app if I already have VAM - which was free and I can still access on my phone?

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Stay tuned, once we have a stand still list of features we will let you know