Beginning of aviation love

Just wanted to know how and when ur passion for aviation started. I searched for duplicates but found none mine is when i was to eager to fly to florida to go to disney world so i just started watching videos on planes to i would occupy myself for the few more weeks and ever since that 3 years i wanted to be a pilot


Hey @Levi.TT!

My passion for aviation began around 5 years ago when I took a vacation flight from KPIT to KTPA. I was young, and since that first ever flight, I’ve know what I wanted to do in life.


That is somewhat close to how mine began too :)


it began back in 2017

I move schools and make some new friends, one of them love the passion of aircraft and planes, he played many flight simulators, they were not to good though.

I decided the play a flight simulator, and my very first flight simulator was,

this flight simulator was trash and I discovered Roblox, I found VFS from @Swiss video he made some time ago

I played that for a long time, then the next version of VFS came out, I played that, then one day I was on YouTube

and I saw a video of a flight simulator, it looked very good, what is this sim called?

sure enough, it was called “Infinite Flight”

and that is how it started


Haha im sure ur glad u moved schools now thats cool ;)


My love for aviation sparked in (I think) 2014-2015 when my dad and I went to one of his business trips in Cheyenne, WY.

Flew from SGF-DFW-DEN with American on an E145 and B738, lovely trip and caught a Qantas A380 sitting on the ramp at DFW.


Oh that must of been nice seeing an a380 thats nice :)

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kinda weird, but when I was 3 back in good ol 2010 I watched a lot of plane videos of planes landing and taking off, window views etc. and I also went on a lot of flights with my dad most from KPHL and KEWR on United, American, Delta, US airways, and spirit, and I even went on a united 747! and I guess that made me like aviation a lot.

Similar to mine and that must of been nice to fly a united queen

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it was an awesome experience other than the fact I couldn’t go on the second floor…

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It started all when I was a little baby. And ever since it grew and grew until 2016 when I discovered IF. This was really the only thing that was in my head ever since then… lol I think I wrote that so emotionally -_-

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I started my aviation life when I pressed airline commander download button


I’ve been around aviation all my life. My father is a pilot, my grandpa is a pilot ,and a lot more of my family members


Wow that is so cool!

Lmaooo yes it came from the heart ;)

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From the tip top. I was into all types of transportation back then (mostly like trains)

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I remember those days searching ‘plane simulator’ then deleting and moving to another one the other week good times :(


Woah thats really cool that can definitely jump start ur career should count ur blessings with that one ;)


Hey! me too


It started in the end of 2017 when I saw airplanes landing and taking off.