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Hi guys totally new to this flight sim however been flying flight sims and plane spotting airband radio and other aviation, can you guys just help with questions I just cannot find on here,I have just signed up live,and just flown for the first time,
Do call signs get get given to you when you start to fly or do we have a call sign that we have permanently to use.
Looking forward to using this app and flying with you all and any tips idears greatfully received 😊


you can change it at any given time

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Click on where it says your name and XP then there should be an option to change your callsign.


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!


Before you take to the skies I suggest you look in #tutorials to get some good information on flying in infinite flight.


I know this is for the forum but if you need it.


Thanks guys I have looked at a few tutorials and get the general feel for it however you cannot compare to flying live lol think I was flying around with one other guy which was fine for me for the moment,it’s certainly a nice program I will be upgrading to a yearly subscription however I cannot see where you can change the call sign all comments greatly appreciated and thanks for a warm welcome 😊

Welcome to the community, by models dose that include display models (like herpa, Gemini jets, hogan etc.)

Just found the call sign it looks like I have to upgrade to a yearly subscription lol I will continue for a while using it lol thanks anyway 😆

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See you in the skies!

Hey Andrew, welcome to IF! Great move for joining this Community Forum, it’s a good place with lots of great info.

Some time ago I wrote this article for new pilots. It’s now a bit dated, but I hope it contains some good info for you. Happy reading. Any questions, please send me a private message.


When you hit play online go up to the upper right hand corner, it should say your name, and some of your other stats, click there and you can change your call sign

Brilliant just what I wanted will be making some notes of it cheers

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Hello @Andrew_Howe, and welcome to the Infinite Flight Community :) . Thanks for joining us and I hope you’ll have a great experience. If you have any questions or doubts, ask them, we will help you. I invite you to read our community guidelines, since this will help you to understand well how this forum is managed, and thus it will make you to avoid trouble. If you need help you can contact a moderator or an user too. Also read the guidelines of each category, before posting in them.

Once again, thanks for joining us and welcome!
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This is where you’ll find the levels of each aircraft types, just an idea of which aircrafts is the easiest or hardest to fly in. I think the Boeing 787 family would fit in to the intermediate level and the Dash-8 would be in the expert level.
Credit to @Skylines for rating aircraft difficulties in his post below

Welcome to the community! I look forward to flying with you :)

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