beginner tutorial

hi ,

may i know any good resources i can follow [cheatsheet/tutorial] which can guide a new beginner had his first takeoff and landing ? for a fly SOLO mode.

appreciate this much !


Hello and welcome to the forums! :-)
You will a lot of amazing tutorials made by active forum members in #tutorials. I’m sure you will find great stuff there.
Enjoy! ;-)


Hi and Welcome. If you look in the #tutorials you will find a whole range of landing and takeoff help along with all sorts of other stuff. I hope you enjoy your time playing IF and being on the community. Have a nice day.

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You beat me to it :(


Hello and welcome. Go to solo and press help and select one of the two tutorials.

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Infinite Flight also has its own YT channel
Which has tutorials.

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yea, get some view in youTUBE :D

@David made Videos “Long Time Ago” they would be Helpful!

yea, i spend some time in scrolling the #tutorial and search , some is too advance for me as for today :D
get a good tutorial on B737, that is helpful !

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