Beginner Trick: Smooth Takeoff

Hey there, Infinite Flight pilots! I’ve been taking flying lessons recently and discovered a cool trick you can use to make smooth, professional looking takeoffs.

How It Works:
First, you need to start to accelerate down the runway, just like you would do on any takeoff. Then slightly pull back on the yoke (tilt the device back). Make sure that you tilt it to the point where if you pull back anymore, the nose will pull up. Then, once the plane reaches the correct speed, it will automatically takeoff by itself.

I’ll make a video soon explaining this in better detail. Hope this works!

Happy flying!


Moved to tutorial.

Make sure you don’t scratch the tail on the runway. Thatcan cause serious damage to your aircraft

Around 5-7.5 degrees of pitch, varys from different aircraft. This example is for the Heavies

True. This wont happen, however, if you pull back the correct amount. Obviously, if you pull back too much then you’ll scratch the tail.

Taking off is extremely easy, you just have to search for the correct V speeds and apply them.

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Yeah, @Boeing707 Tailstrikes can do a lot.

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The same happened to JAL123, a much deadlier incident.

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Yeah. Both CAL611 and JAL123 were caused by tail strikes, followed by poor maintenance.

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Ever heard of china flight 611?

Of course.

China 611,JAL 123, and most recently, an Aeromexico 762 at MAD (Might have gotten the variant and airport wrong)

I find proper take offs require as much practice and skill as landings, and are definitely much more difficult to do correctly in crosswind situations than landings. I rarely see a proper take-off in Live.

True, but this trick is for those that don’t even know the different speeds, or don’t want to look them up. You are correct, though. As long as you know the proper speeds, you’re mostly okay.

but the ground sliding when taking off with winds is just unrealistic


On some planes it is, yes…

I know, right? It always messes up my takeoffs.

You mean the plane sliding?

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Yes. For example: with 6kts crosswind a B737 starts gliding away like mad at 90-100kts+. by that logic my car should be sliding miles away when I’m driving fast on the german autobahn.

Disable auto coordination, and place forward pressure on the yoke until you near V1.

Pushing the yoke forward should work with auto coordination on as well, I just haven’t used it in almost a year.

I think what is causing the slide is the fact that the plane wants to fly as it picks up speed, causing the front end to become very light.

Ever hear the term “Coming Alive”? Max Sends