Beginner questions voice chat

Are there voice servers or something? I would like to voice chat on the training server. Are there map overlays I am missing? I can’t find approach fix maps


Hi there.

Servers do not have voice chat. Some users may use voice chat on other platforms to communicate but the advertising and posting of voice server links (ie discord) is against the community Terms of Service.

There are no map overlays. Many people will reference existing approach charts that can be found online from a wide selection of sources. Some are free, some are a subscription.


So there is no way without violating T/S to provide atc services by voice.

That is correct.

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Thank you I guess I will use the options provided for me. Can you add heading and speed linked commands like alt and heading? Maybe a suggestion to add some mile hash marks for the approaches. - - - (mile on hash and mile per space). This could help with telling distance by visual means

Take a look at the #tutorials category. There are tons of posts to get familiar with reading the hud, views, and all aspects of flight.

My last question then this thread can be closed. How do I aquire operations as ATC if I just run approach and departure? “Worked” three approaches but have zero ops

When exactly did you do this? They can take a little bit to actually appear on your stats.

Like 20min ago on training server as ATC not pilot

Hmm, they should pop up soon if you just wait. For me it usually takes a while before they show up.

Sounds good gotta get thous ops for applying to expert

There are other voice services other then Discord to use, so theoretically, yes there is plenty of other ways.

I just need the most common so I can do some atc by voice. So much easier to talk (if you already know the lingo)

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