Beginner needs help

How can i start doing trips from airports to airports?? All i have is the Cessna. Not sure what im doing wrong. Rhanks


@Franan_Den This whole category should help you:


I’m not sure how you have only the Cessna, but look up how to file a flight plan:) that will help you do flights.


You can download other planes. All the green download buttons next to some planes are there ones that are free. The other orange buttons are the ones that you have to buy. Same goes with the regions.IMG_2941


This is Infinite Flight’s official YouTube channel for all the video tutorials on both the pilot and ATC aspects of the sim. I suggest you start from here.

This is where you can find the written pilot tutorials.

This is where ou can find the written ATC tutorials.

Welcome and enjoy your stay 😁


Thanks Cole! Will do.

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Excellent. Been getting some great responses!

@Franan_Den… MaxSez: See the Topic. “IF Mentorship Program”…


IFMP is great and I also personally learned all of my basic IF flying from @gadget_pilot 's YouTube videos.


No problem, if you want PM me if you need help with other things, or go to the tutorials:)

Try pressing the button with the airplane icon on it once you enter the solo or live menu. You will find many aircraft that you can download for free there;-)


Any time mate. It’s good to sak questions when you are stuck👍

Hi. Question. How come every time i spawn, its always in a parking field and no one is around. Where or what maps can i use wjere there are multiple crafts at the gates and that i can pushback and really feel as if i am going through a parking gate filled with other planes?

KLAX is pretty busy on the Training Server ;)

The only airport I know that it’s every day crowded is Los Angeles International Airport on Training Server 1. Maybe you won’t feel alone in there.

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Don’t forget KNUC. 😂

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Not sure how to PM you…

Yup even tho it’s a military airport 😂😂😂.

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Ok. Thank you. Will try that and see

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Click on his profile picture, and hit message