Beginner Infinite flight (help)

Hello all, I am a new Member to the Infinite flight community. It would be great if you all could explain a couple important things on Infinite. I can’t wait to hear from you guys. :)


welcome! you came to the right place!

Have a look here!


thank you very much azeeuwnl!

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Hello! Its awesome to see you joining the Infinite Flight Community! I highly recommend reading the following Thread which answers all of your important questions!

If you have questions about how to fly a certain aircraft or deal with Air Traffic Control check out this section of the Infinite Flight Community!

You guys are great. :)

You’d probably figure this out in time, but just to speed up the process a bit…

IF = Infinite Flight

IFC = Infinite Flight Community

IFATC = Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control (an official service where people who play IF can undergo training to become an official Expert Server air traffic controller)

FDS = Flying Development Studio LLC (the creator of Infinite Flight)

Are you familiar at all with Discourse (the forum service that runs IFC)? It’s fine if you aren’t, that’s okay; I didn’t know anything about Discourse until I found out about IFC. Just let us know if you are or not so that we can give you some assistance with the basics behind IFC.

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If you need help with flying in the simulator, please check the #tutorials category :)

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Also, ATCEG = Air Traffic Control Education Group (where people can learn and train to become IFATC.)

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How do you fly the simulator?

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So like @Luke_Sta stated earlier, there is a great category on IFC called #tutorials . (the link for it is here:
These tutorials are made officially by the Infinite Flight staff, and they can be very helpful for beginner pilots. I’d recommend checking out some of the tutorials on the things you’re wondering about. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! That’s what the IFC community is for.

The following are some great tutorials that you might find helpful:

Many of the other tutorials (for example, How to fly an ILS approach) will be quite useful after you’ve played around on Infinite Flight for a while. But for now, I’d learn how to comfortably control the aircraft.

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For each Individual aircraft, check this thread.

Or check the #tutorials category as @racerclc said :)

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I’m sure you wont take long to discover that IF is not just a sim. Its a little world on its own. Especially when you start flying Live.

You need to master a few things:

  • how to work this forum and find whats interesting for you. See the beginners guide.
  • work the IF app
  • learn to fly and…land.

On top of what @racerclc wrote, you want to search in the #tutorials for the YouTube official traning videos. There you’ll find a lot of good info.
And take care with the ‘new pilots, read this’. I made this in 2015, about 15 versions of the IF app ago. Some things have changed a bit, but the basics are still valid.

When you join Live, you’ll find there are a few more chapters to open.

But you know what? This is a great forum, packed with knowledgeable and helpful people.

You’ll have a lot of fun.

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Just check the #tutorials. Mark and Tyler will tell all about it.

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Welcome to IFC!!

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