Beginner ATC Controller

Dear Infinite flight,

Hello, My Name is Captain_Ian. Today I was heading out from (KLAX) on Training servers today, with what seems like an Untrained or Beginning ATC at a popular airport. This Controller had responses later than Approximately 2 1/2 minutes when their wasn’t really any other Aircrafts Inbound or on the ground sending any messages to ATC. The way this ATC was sending messages to the Aircrafts on the ground seemed like he wasn’t aware exactly where the Aircrafts was on the Ground. This ATC was checking on the Diagram of the Airport instead of trying to Check with his or her own eyes to see any potential Conflict. When I was taxiing to Runway 1R as Requested from the Controller he or she kept on changing the Runway I should be taxing to.

Holding short Runway 1L requesting Crossing to then hold short runway 1R before requesting Departure on that runway. This Controller says to hold short runway 1L with plenty of time for me to Expedite with a Aircraft on final 1L 7nm out. After that Aircraft lands the controller doesn’t allow me to cross the runway when it was obviously clear for me and another aircraft to cross, the controller instead STILL tells me and 4 - 5 other Aircrafts to hold short. Keep in mind, no other Aircrafts were on final on runway 1L. I request again about 1 or 2 minutes later and then all of a sudden the controller tells me to line up and wait runway 1L and I complied and Lined up and then when I was cleared I was eligible for Takeoff.

I’m so sorry that I had to send this message. I love the community and the fellow Pilots that play this sim. I’ve played this simulator for years off and on until now since I found my passion to be a pilot and Aviation. This was my first flight today and I wanted it to be the best experience! Thank you for your time!

Hi @Captain_Ian,

I’m first would like to apologize for any inconvenience throughout your flight. Unfortunately, training server is a place where controllers and pilots of all skill levels can control and fly in order to get better.

For pilots, this would prepare them to fly on the expert server, and for controllers, this would prepare them for IFATC, if they chose to join.

With that being said, you might encounter controllers who may have no idea what they are doing, but that’s ok; they are trying their best.

For a more professional experience, I strongly recommend you to fly on the expert server, once you reach grade three. There, all controllers are specially trained to handle the traffic and are among the most qualified.