Beginer toutorials

Hi guys. As we all know, the IF youtube channel does toutorials. But, you have to know alot about aviation/IF to be able to follow along. I think that if they did toutorials for complete beginers (that are in parts obvi lol) i think it would be good.

This is slowly being worked on in tutorials, and webinars. 🙂

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Like @Ecoops123 said they are working on it. But if you want to see more tutorial check #ground-school, they are made by Community-loving members!

Here is some of the basic one:


As these are good, not everyone is on the forum

I understand; But creating a quality tutorial takes time.

As @Ecoops123 said:

What are you missing that isn’t covered here?

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Yes it does! That is true!

Ohh yeah! Completly forgot about that! Might aswel be closed now!

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