BEG-DOH with Qatar Airways; a trip report

Hello and welcome to a trip report!

Unfortunately, the holidays are ending and school is starting. After all, we can’t be on holidays forever!

My return trip was LYBE (Belgrade) to OTHH (Doha) with Qatar airways. Our aircraft in use was A7-AID, a 10-year old Airbus A321 that is typically used on this flight. Flight time was around 4:30 hours, compared to the arriving trip which is 5:30 hours due to eastern wind. Anyways, let’s get to it!

On my way from cloudy Belgrade. No, this is not snow, but actually something else that I don’t know the name of in English. (its frost, thanks @Chatta290)

The weather isn’t the best. Yesterday, when I was also at the airport, Category III landings were in use, with visibility being less than 100M! Today it had cleared up a bit, but it’s still foggy, and really cold! (-2*)

Boarding had started at 11am! Our aircraft today: A321 A7-AID

Seat for today was 23F, an amazing wing view! I’m 5 foot 6-7”, so legroom was plenty

Spotted a FlyDubai Boeing B737-800 taxiing to A4 as well!

We began our takeoff, and it was surprisingly smooth considering the Low-level clouds!

Let’s take a look at the IFE! Qatar airways offers an extensive choice of movies, shows, music, and games! Definitively enough to keep you on a flight of either 2 or 18 hours!

We were served lunch about an hour after takeoff. I had the chicken with mashed potatoes, and boiled vegetables.

Accompanied by a salad, a delicious cheesecake, and a focaccia which was served a bit later on. Qatar airways is my favourite airline regarding food, and they recently upgraded their Qatar “cuisine” and I’ll tell you this; it’s absolutely delicious! I am a lover of their salads and desserts, they’re great. One small thing though, the boiled vegetables were quite hard, so I’m giving this food experience a 4/5.

Now that we’ve had lunch, let’s take a look at what they have in the seat pockets! ^^ There is a “wellness bag” quite an awkward name, a Qatar magazine, and the aircraft safety instructions. I personally rarely read these things. Do you?

Cruising over the Turkish coast

Well, other than that the flight was pretty uneventful. I didn’t watch a single movie by the way, just enjoying these beautiful views.

After 4:30 hours, we touched down at Hamad airports 31L runway. Parked at a gate (normally at a stand) yay! 🥳😃

So, here are the flight ratings!

Crew: 5/5 very kind, and always smiling
Food: 4/5 not bad, definitely an improvement
Aircraft: 5/5 Top-notch condition, little to no rubbish.
Legroom: 5/5 well, there’s plenty haha
Overall: I rate this a solid 5/5! Good job as always Qatar Airways!

Thanks for coming aboard with me! I look forward to seeing you in another trip report!


Forgot to write the flight ratings… Silly me 😅

That seems like frost.
Hope you had a nice flight!

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Thanks for the reminder! It was a great flight.

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I’ve always wanted to try these routes from eastern Europe to the Middle East just for those views. That sunset is amazing! Every once in a while I do one of these flights. Nice format @AlphaSeven!

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Whoa, nice! The last time I went to Hamad was like 2015, I remember that Teddy Bear! Worlds biggest! I also remember we stayed at the “airport hotel” which wa a literally so nice and w donate sin this giant kids area with huge metal slides. It was so awesome. The airport was brand new at the time. I’m flying in and out of Hamad on Saturday, I’ll see what’s changed! Nice review 👌🏾

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Nice report, I have to fly Qatar at some point.

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Oh you definitely should! Thanks!

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Sounds like you had a good time. Qatar looks great!


Thanks man! 👍

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I BEG you for DOH

How do you fly so much?

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Well Because I have many small holidays!

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