Before you leave that one-star review

Hello all.

After this evening’s normal flurry of activity for me, I found myself reading through hundreds of Infinite Flight reviews on the App Store. I mainly focused on the 1-star reviews in order to see what some of the resounding complaints were from disgruntled users. Suddenly, I found myself being swirled into a vortex of thought and confusion into the dynamics of Infinite Flight. There are currently just over 8,000 reviews, with the average review being 4.1 stars, which is a “OK” 82%, or low B on a grade scale.

But before I continue, let me start out by listing the most common themes of the infamous 1 star review:

  1. Money (by far the biggest complaint)

  2. Features

  3. Poor Staff Communication/Customer Service

Now, I will do my best in explaining, in relatively simple terms, why Infinite Flight deserves a higher rating and appreciate from you.

The first base to cover is the big whammy, money. “Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money”

Something that you should know is that I am not a staff member, so anything I say about actual costs of operation is outsider speculation.

I live in the U.S., so I use US Dollars as my currency to describe costs and such. Infinite Flight costs $5 as a base app, $10 for a monthly subscription to Pro, and $80 for a yearly subscription to Pro. Some reviews I read claimed that Infinite Flight’s base app (the $5 basic package) is lacking for the dollar amount, and should include more. However, I don’t see the correlation. $5 is how much a grande Starbucks Frappuccino costs at most locations. Would you rather get a drink you consume in about 20 minutes, or an app that lets you fly 15+ aircraft around multiple photo-realistic regions around the world?

The answer for that question is obvious for me, and I hope it is for you as well.

The Pro subscription (which you should buy if you are debating it!) comes at a steeper $10 for a month’s access to unlimited flying around anywhere in the entire world, all in 60 aircraft. That’s a great deal if you ask me! No buying tons of complicated add-ons just to get more aircraft or cooler features, everything is included in a easy-to-use app in the palms of your hand!

But, I will not deny that Infinite Flight is expensive. It costs $80 a year, which can be a lot for people that live in tight financial situations. I’m not “rolling in the dough” by any means, but I easily justify paying for Infinite Flight because of the amount of time I spend on it, the education and experience it gives me, and the fun experiences I have on it.

Also, Infinite Flight is not trying to rip you off. They are not trying to pull some insane profit margin. They spend money on multiple servers (which costs a lot of $$$), and they have multiple staff members on the payroll. App purchases are their main source of income for all of their costs, and with only a couple thousand active subscribers, I’m sure money isn’t growing on trees for them.

Basically my main point is that Infinite Flight as a company has justification for their seemingly higher costs. Running a company and having paid staff isn’t cheap, try for yourself!

The next category is features.

Everyone wants something. For example, I want an Embraer Jet rework and Boeing 757 rework. @brunocr98 wants the COPA livery to be tweaked. @Grizpac wants the Wright Flyer to be added. If everyone wants something, many times different things, there can be thousands of potential features.

With a staff count of under 20, how could you possibly expect Infinite Flight to fulfill thousands much less hundreds of feature requests ASAP (how all customers want it)?

Simply put, you can’t. That is why on the IFC, we have the #features category. You can show your support for certain features, greatly increasing the chances of a staff member noticing it. Even then, the staff team cannot fulfill every request, with many different reasons. Or, they might not be able to add the top requests in order of the highest amount of votes. However, Jason Rosewell, the beloved digital marketing staff member, has made it clear that every feature added has a lot of reasoning and discussion behind it. You should believe that, as Infinite Flight’s main source of income are their users, so it would only make sense if they listened to their customer base, right?

Just remember to have patience. If a request is popular enough, it will most likely be added in due time. Just continue to persevere and wait for the prize at the end.

The final category I’m going to explain is customer service. Jason (who I mentioned above) is the primary communicator of feature development on the IFC, and he does a fantastic job, contrary to what some “haters” say. He regularly interacts with just about anyone with questions that he can answer, he goes to meetups to see new people, and he is all around a very nice guy. I might add that he has no obligation to do or be any of those things. So, don’t take him for granted, realize that his frequent development updates and communications are for your good, not just because he is bored.

Another great example of a staff member is Sebastian Schyllberg, who most of us know lovingly as “Seb”. I would be willing to bet money that he knows more than anyone about the technical aspects of Infinite Flight. You could ask him just about any question regarding operating systems, server problems, or common glitches, and he could probably answer completely in about 30 seconds.

To conclude, Infinite Flight is a team of real people who love aviation as much as you or I do. All of the members are friendly and amicable, and are genuinely interested in how they can improve your app experience. They are not trying to rip you off, they don’t ignore what requests, and they do their best with helping you with your problems.

If that isn’t worth a 5-star review, I don’t know what is!


I do agree with most of this, to be clear on that.

I do also believe that people all share different views and some will base their rating off costs and some won’t, just recently looking at a £150 Xbox controller I know it’s overpriced as did the people who bought it.

Most of the reviews mentioned this but didn’t give anything less then 5 stars. If it’s a major concern then fair enough, show that, I would maybe knock one star but too many people take it to extremes with the 1 star rating. I would first and foremost rate the quality of the application which most people can’t deny is the best of the best in reference to mobile sims. Just a dilemma…


You make great points. Everything is of great value and it’s amazing a small team can accomplish what they do, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And if they want to leave a bad review, that’s up to them


Good job! Infinite Flight can and should get 5 stars! Their staffs and others things is the best in the mobile sim games! IFC is the most special and they will get ideas from it to develop it!


But the high price is true. In China, one year pro is 558 yuan. It’s a high price for every players. But IF should get it. They can!

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Yes sir. People need to realized it take time to make high quality content. I feel Infinite Flight is at a great prices with everything you get! It’s people real life jobs there not volunteering their time!


What people don’t realize is that yes, $80 is no small price, but it’s not huge either.

That’s about 22 cents per day. So basically that’s one cup of coffee every 15-ish days that you’re “losing”. That’s it. 27 cups of coffee per year.

In return for those 27 cups, you get extensive features, updates, online additions, improvements, and a hardworking and committed staff team that dedicates their time and efforts to not only making an incredible app, but to listening and interacting with the community.

I honestly think some of the negative reviews come down to entitled or lesser-informed users.

It’s not easy to tailor to every whim of a community with tens of thousands of people and tens of thousands other users.

I don’t think everybody that leaves a negative review is able to understand the magnitude of what IF has accomplished.

But no, make it free…


Maybe should of done this before! 😀

Here you go!


I could get behind this!


I do respect people thoughts behind it, but I don’t think its should be really given 1 star. The thing that really grinds my gears is the people that always expects everything on time, fast and done properly, but they have no understanding, instagram for example

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😂😂😂 that is so true! I think I’ve used this logic before to convince myself to get it, and it payed off. It has helped me way more than a 5 dollar Starbucks drink ever will

Also I want to say that this is probably one of the best examples of a great post, especially when you didn’t @ staff members, I’m sure they appreciate it😂. I think it’s great to have people like you setting the example on the IFC👍🏽👍🏽


lol people be complaining about buying Infinite Flight, but then there’s me who got it that one day that IF decided to make the app free for a day on google play.


I wish I could like this post again, then like it a hundred more times.
It’s amazing how people are willing to spend money on something like Netflix for years for around the same price and don’t conplain, but as soon as it’s a mobile flight sim…


I agree with everything said.

For users to actually have an understanding of who we are, we have a devoted community. Where you can vote for features, where you can talk to staff, and where you can NOT complain about money issues.

It’s every subscribers dream!


From the one who manages our iOS reviews - thank you for this <3


You do a great job schyllberg. Dot let 1 start reviews put you off. Great job @HiFlyer!


Totally agree with this.

However, I feel small feature updates/bug fixes are still not periodic enough, it feels to me like its all or nothing approach when it comes to new features. Do we really need an improved 777 which has taken so much time to develop (I know it takes time to do but priority vs the development of other smaller features?) The A350 is flown quite a lot but I still see other aircraft most of the time being old models. What about the A10, how often do you see that flying! This suggests to me, that perhaps people are content with the current//older models (I am). We have so many smaller feature requests (must be into the hundreds), can we not start looking at more of those? (Note I am not talking about clouds, buildings etc)

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Awesome post!

Whenever I’m reading the reviews, that’s honestly all I ever really see. People complaining it costs too much or there’s not many aircraft or sometimes there’s been nothing new added in ages. I think people are just too greedy these days and expect things to be free and have updates and new things added immediately and/or often.


I kind of agree with you about the money, even though it is overpriced but the people are right about the IFC and IFC staff, I have had some very bad experiences
Even how they respond to these people’s comments is shocking

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Your comments to the people who left the bad reviews could be a lot kinder and not fake