Before Summer, any Hawaii users?

Hello IFC! IF you live in Hawaii or have lived in Hawaii in real life, respond below!
and lets vote for the 717 rework, a330-200, and HA 789! Aswell as the B38M

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See the relevant features topics below:

There is currently no feature request for the Hawaiian A330-200 or B737-MAX8 as they are not planned additions to the game at this time, and therefore not allowed as a feature request per the #features category rules!

Have a great rest of your day!

Trust I know, but, this is a thread to bring together users from Hawaii, or who have resided there. But these?

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I was referring to the Hawaiian liveries for those aircraft. Livery requests for aircraft not currently in the sim are not permitted.

Feel free to vote for those aircraft to be added, however.

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beat ya to it


Topic not needed