Before Start Checklist

So I was wondering what other people do before requesting pushback! Any suggestions?

There are several topics covered on the forum. Search is your friend my friend

Check this out:

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Did not see, I checked the forum but did not find anything. I’m sorry about that.

You could also check out the VirtualHub app. Honestly the amount of times I’ve recommended this app is crazy, but it’s an all round brilliant app. (Free as well!)

When clicked on, these separate checklists provide more detail of what should be checked before certain parts of flight.

Here’s their thread:

Very cool! I also have one of these


Thx for your replies. This can close now. :D

I know virtual hub have checklists, it’s free

EDIT: didn’t realise already been said:

For me…

  • File flight plan
  • Turn off strobes and landing lights
  • Look at where I plan to taxi to so I get an idea of my turns.
  • Did I put fuel in the tanks?
  • configure the bottom bar with any changes I need to make
  • Seatbelts
  • If its a busy airport, I start engines before pushback so I do not delay others taxiing behind me. If its just me, I leave them off until pushed.
  • Request pushback

That’s for Xplane 11😂

I usually go over my flight plan. And there is another topic on this already

What I do before requesting pushback:

  1. Spawn in
  2. Reposition my airplane so it is perfectly aligned with the gate (sometimes I spawn in and the plane is a little crooked from the gate)
  3. Turn on seatbelt sign, no smoking sign, and NAV lights
  4. Set the three maps (MAP, MAP with flight plan, and HUD MAP) to my desire (hide uncontrolled airports)
  5. Fix the wing views by zooming out
  6. File flight plan with Simbrief and
  7. Fuel tanks
  8. Load passengers and cargo
  9. Make note of cruising altitude
  10. Start In-Flight Assistant
  11. Briefly start the first engine so the welcome message turns on and then shut the engine back down.
  12. Turn on beacon lights
  13. Maybe turn on engines (I don’t normally turn them on until after pushback)
  14. Request pushback (or pushback if it is unicom)

FIf you look at the top it has the IF logo. Trust me, it’s IF

  • Calculate V speeds
  • Input them to IF Assistant
  • Check controls
  • Start LiveFlight connect and IF instruments
  • Get the charts for the current airport

Where/how do you calculate V speeds?

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Online guides with tables

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