Before improving the A380 let's improve the taxiway lights

I realize that there will be improvements in the A380 aircraft but before making improvements to this aircraft, there could be an update with better lights on the aircraft and on the taxiways and even in the airport yards flying at night in the IF is impossible

Nothing has yet been mentioned about the A380 receiving any improvements, although it has been mentioned that there is a possibility in the future. That said, the developers have been working on improving the graphics in the game, with possibly new features being introduced as progress is being made.

It has been mentioned in the Staff Livestream a while back that there is work being completed on aspects such as taxiway lights, enhanced runway lights and approach lights, which is further elaborated on in a blog post, linked below.

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Don’t leave the dark side 😈

You can vote for those features in the topics below, although the devs have already said that improvements to the taxiway lights are in the works and have been progressing.

Also, just because the devs are working on one thing doesn’t mean they’re going to stop working on the other. That’s not how it works :)

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