Before Creating a Feature Request...

Hello community.

I see requests being made almost every other day on this community, and sure, there’s nothing wrong with requesting something you’d like to see in the simulator.

However, before you make a request, you should always think to yourself for even a few seconds…

Do I really want to see this in Infinite Flight?

How often will I use this feature?

If you are requesting a new aircraft or livery, think to yourself…

Why do I want this livery? Because it’s pretty and Infinite Flight needs to have every livery in the world? Or because this livery represents a great airline that comes to your local airport all the time, and you’d love to do flights with it.

Is this aircraft used at all anymore? Has it been a great aviation marvel or is it just a random, or rarely used plane?

I see lots of requests being made with little substance, it just seems that some folks want aircraft and liveries just to have it… in other words, for no reason. I won’t even go into “Search before posting”, because all of you should know that.

These are just some things you have to ask yourself. When you do find a feature you truly are passionate about, it leads to you adding more substance, which makes more people willing to vote for your request.

Happy Landings!


Nice post, so many of the requested liveries are random special liveries that only exist on one or two aircraft in real life.


I agree with you. Hopefully this can get pinned in #features for any newbies wanting to make a feature request. ;)

So you would rather not have Air Force one then? Come on, I see no reason for people not to request what they want, it’s up to the devs either way.


Wrong, this should be in #meta

Not really as he is talking about #features requests and how to make a good one, and if it is worth making.

AF1 is a bit more special than some airline’s special livery.


No, #features is for in game features, #meta is for something like this, please do more research


I don’t know, more the merrier with request in terms of planes that fly today and airlines that don’t fly anymore. Adds more flavor to the sim.

The one thing that always frustrated me. I get there’s only so much the devs can do so I’m not trying to raise any stink in that department and take a jab at them, so please don’t take it the wrong way. They’ve done an amazing job. But during times where we go months and months without an update with new content, why don’t the devs add some additional liveries for existing airplanes we have? You know, to kinda tie us over in between bigger updates like a new airplane.

Just my 2 cents!

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MaxSez: Features is a Junk Yard. I block it! At one time it was a valuable tool utilized to identify trends and a majority’s temperatures. Now it’s just a stolen trademarked picture gallery utilized by the great unwashed to get some FaceTime. It’s time to scram the admin server and flush the whole file down the nearest sh**er. I suggest a rewrite of Feature Guidence. Include a prescribed format like Events, just fill in the blanks to include performance data a non-trademarked Photo (All Photo’s are trademarked) and why its eligible for member consideration… No more Livery Requests! Most livery’s requested are for a 1 horse shoestring operators than aren’t listed in the WW accredited Airline List. Features and its repeat patrons, Bad JuJu!!!
Regards Pilots, GA all the way…


I disagree, The more liveries, the better. As said, if this should take place, why should we have the AF1? As well as the MD-11 and Concorde?

Yet we still have the orange pride KLM.

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@Josh_Tomaz. Flawed disconnected reasoning my man. Just a convoluted 1 liner don’t get it Josh. What do you really think, Give us a cogent paragraph to support your position. If you convince me I’ll give you a like…
Max Sends

I didn’t choose to add that livery…

Well, Air Force one is a very popular aircraft… And the MD-11 / DC-10 is revolutionary as it was one of the industry’s first tri-jets. :/

@Josh_Tomaz, The reason we have (possibly will have) those planes is because they were great aviation marvels. 👆

Max, I understand what you are saying, but there are many of us that want to see more livieries, for example: one you’ve flown on, you aspire to fly that aircraft for the airline, or simply you’re a leisurely user who would just like the wide variety of unique and diverse liveries that are operated by carriers around the world. If you don’t want to see more livery requests, simply don’t click on them like you said “I block it”. From what I gather from our feature system there is a large number of people that want more liveries like myself. In my opinion, the more the merrier. I’m not looking for a like Max, I just don’t agree that “Features is a junk yard”.


All I hope is to one day see the devs develop some mean for users to upload their own liveries into their own copies of the game.
I wanted to make a few requests in the future but it has become quite clear to me that livery requests are useless.
The devs add whatever they want. Some requests with not even 10 votes have been added for crying out loud while others are ignored.
I’m running out of my subscription in 2 days. I’m not renewing it unless said system is implemented. And if it’s not…oh well.

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