Beep Sound


This is not a big feature but a feature which i miss the most

We used to have a Beeep sound before nearing a waypoint

Please add it in the next update :) :wink:

Approaching Waypoint Beep

Plz no the beep was sooo annoying 😂


@SirMS @dush19
Maybe an option to turn it on or off?
It it’s even really worth the fuss :)


No, it just scares everyone in the room, it’s too sharp.


Never. Ever. Bring that stupid noise back.

That beep and the windshield shattering sound are the reason why I rarely turn up the volume on IF. Only reason I occasionally have the volume up is to listen to the engines and other mechanics of the airplanes working.

Long live the DC-9!


Well whats the reason to bring it back, just WHY!!!??? this sound was sp00ky and its annoying if your playing on night time :grimacing:


No requests.


I DEFINITELY would love to have the option to turn it back on. Maybe a nice cockpit noise instead of a beep. For real life pilots, here’s a question: Other than the “bleep bleep bleep bleep” that happens when you turn autopilot off (which would also be awesome), does autopilot have any nicer chimes that would work here?


I used to like the functionality of a bleep when I was approaching or at a waypoint. This way I could enjoy cruise or climb and didn’t have to constantly keep my eye on the map or the notification bar, but now with ATC, the audio is replaced with ATC. Any chance of getting this bleep back? I’m sure it would only take a small amount of work to get back in?


I want it back to because someone text messaged me so as I was replying to that, I was waay off course!!