Been vectored by Approach? Please tell Tower your runway

An issue I had particularly today,

When the approach controller hands you to tower, the correct way is to contact with a call inbound on the ILS runway … . Whilst it dosen’t matter if you use a report position or announce inbound, please always tell Tower the runway you have been vectored to and avoid just calling inbound for landing WITHOUT REPORTING A RUNWAY.

This helps to avoid confusion, which reduces delays and go arounds.

Thanks :)


Hi! I understand your frustration. I also experience frustration when this happens on the expert server. However, I believe this was just posted…

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I’ll tell you what I told everyone else what if they aren’t on an ILS approach? Just because approach has vectored them doesn’t mean they are on an instrument approach. There fore calling inbound would be the best choice. so maybe you should rephrase to if your handed off from approach cleared for the ILS then call in that way.

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MaxSez… Appears Approach is not Coordinating with Tower again or vis versa! What happened to the IFATC “Private line”? The call to Tower; Inbound ILS Rwy # or Inbound Rwy #. is “Procedure” after hand off, anybody who’s somebody knows that!

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Their just B***in about having to give a pattern entry for someone cleared on the ILS by approach. To which I shake my head. Should they call inbound on the ILS if they were cleared for it? Yes. Am I going to dwell on the fact I have to give 1 extra instruction I think not.


@Brandon_Sandstrom @Maxmustang you are misunderstanding my intention. It doesn’t matter what pilots call inbound with, it is just today I had people calling inbound from the approach line, but not stating which runway they had been vectored to, meaning I had to guess which one.

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> Cleared for the ILS: Reports inbound on the ILS

> Cleared for the GPS: Should report inbound requesting XXX, as it is not ILS. If they do report ILS on the GPS: check help pages, give pattern works to a runway.

> Vectors: (Check for traffic) Call inbound and request a runway. The controller should vector you right up until the localiser.

Addon: It’s best for an aircraft not to report there position. Unless they include full stop or touch and go.

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If they were given radar vectors,then it is pilots duty to state the runway. If they were cleared for the ILS or GPS,then the runway they were cleared for will appear in their strip. No need to guess. Just clear them for the runway mentioned in the flight strip.
And regarding team work,make a plan with approach for runway usage. That way u have an idea of what runways approach has at his disposal. So clear that way. In radar vectors,if pilot doesn’t state runway,then assign one of your choice. No need to guess work. 👍
Sorry for repeating the same reply from the other similar topic as well.
In this way,even if pilots don’t state their intentions(just remains silent) you still know the runway he is coming for.


MaxSez:: @JeebakR. @Brandon_Sandstrom @IceBlue@Skylines@Tyler_Shelton… Just imagine how much simpler it would be if “ATIS” where operational. (See the Archived Topic “Where’s ATIS”)

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If it worked properly yes

I did the same topic today…😂😂


MaxSez: @MarcelloM… Read it, ya did a good job. (ATIS applies to you to!)


I’m begging for it.

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A couple of things to add with the discussion going on here.

  • There’s nothing stopping you from just clearing them even if they report the wrong thing. They’ve still been cleared and vectored for the approach, following the needle and initial points all the way to touchdown. Observe the flight strip, as Jeebs mentioned.
  • As has been said many, many times, ATIS was not feasible with our current setup, nor will have much use at this point in time. Here in IF, we have the magic Live map showing you where every plane is going and where they’re landing right at the tip of your pilot’s seat. Use common sense and watch the flow of traffic. Simple as that.
  • @Skylines- the GPS is still a fixed approach to the runway. Planes are flying on the track, following a set of “rails” as they would with the ILS. As our phraseology is limited in terms, it wouldn’t be wrong for them to call inbound on the ILS. GPS still has the loc and glidescope; the only thing it doesn’t do is account for terrain. Pattern entry is something entirely different and accounts for visual flying. I wouldn’t bother with the help pages.

Alright, hopefully we could see a fix to this in the future with an “inbound on the GPS” or something along those lines.

This is very annoying for controllers.

I would agree. Unfortunately the past system of manually typing it was time-consuming and often was put in wrong.

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@IceBlue… MaxSez: Understand the history and tech difficulty Blue. ATIS is a valuable asset, it would solve a number of procedure problems encountered in 25%+ of Pilot error per evolution. FDS has Dodged this issue for more than a a year & multipal updates. Recognize FDS build out priorities are profit motivated. Infrastructure can’t take a back seat. ATIS like Blue Taxiway Lights and enhanced nite flight capability are a must.


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