Been reported

Hi there, sorry if this is the wrong place for this but just looking for advice.

I had just finished a flight the other day and i was taxiing into the parking stand that i chose but as i was just about to stop, another aircraft had spawned in on top of me and i got reported by IFATC for it and got degraded to grade 2 because of it. Is there a way i can sort it because it wasnt my fault and dont find it fair. As i said im sorry if this is the wrong place but thanks in advance.

Hey there! Can you check your logbook to see who reported you? Then we can help you find them and it can be resolved in a PM.

Thanks! :)

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Thanks for the quick reply! I got it the users name is Alex Kyte

Contact @Alex_Kyte to discuss the report further.


Okay thank you

Thanks everyone