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Alright, mods don’t go crazy over this essay

Usually people don’t just leave unannounced for 4 months but let’s just say, the last 4 months haven’t treated me well and I don’t really want to get into it because that’s not the purpose of this topic. I went to Oshkosh this year with a couple friends, had a great time. There was one problem I had when I got home though. I had no motivation to edit the 600+ photos I selected off my SD card. I’d already stopped posting on Instagram for a bit at that point so there was no incentive to editing the photos. I still have over 400 unedited photos that I don’t plan on editing. However, I went in and picked 10 that never escaped Lightroom. One last thing and then I’ll end this essay. There’s a few reasons why I stopped plane spotting. 1. My camera has been literally falling apart for the last year. 2. I started getting back into cars and started going to car meets again. 3. I simply just don’t enjoy plane spotting anymore, I love airshows but plane spotting to me is just slow and time consuming. I still like aviation, I plan to start flight school in Q1 of 2024, I just want to focus on more personal things instead of watching metal tubes all day. Okay, essay over. Let’s get into the photos.

This has to be my favorite demo team I’ve ever seen. Those T6s are sluggish, but they scream. These guys are always on eachothers wings and never fail to put on a good show.

This has to be my favorite WWII era plane. Before the Corsair existed, the A6M Zero dominated the skies. Until this patriot came around. The corsair started cleaning up zeros and became an aviation icon.

This was my favorite modern fighter at Oshkosh other than the Raptor. The EA/18 had some amazing demos during this year’s event. I had the pleasure of seeing two growlers at sunset ripping around the sky. Blows my mind that the Government is trying to get rid of these beauties.

Next up is an A-10 doing what it does best


This was a crazy sight to see. The only flying Super Constellation at Oshkosh. I got to see Connie up close at the plaza shortly after this photo. She truly is a work of art.

This photo proves why you should get to Oshkosh early and secure a seat in the front row. All it takes is one tall person to block you and ruin the entire experience. (Yes, I’m short)

I can’t believe I forgot the name of this guy but this was the best one-man demo at Oshkosh this year. This guy did things I thought were no possible in an airplane. Just look at him, he’s drifting a plane!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, a gorgeous P-51D heading back to its parking spot after dancing with an F-22 and a A-1

That’s all! I don’t know when I’ll be back, but this is not the last you’ll see of me. It could be a week, a month, maybe even a year, but I assure you. I’ll be back.


Awesome pictures! I have yet to get the 90 film shots that I took there this year developed so I definitely feel you 😅


These are definitely some good pics!

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