Been a while…

I don’t know how to start this off but hello IFC! I used to play a long time ago on here was somewhat of an active member on the community. Now that I’m back after god knows how long, I’ve come to ask a few questions.

  1. How y’all doing today?

  2. What would be the preferred settings for takeoffs and landings in terms of VS probably? I’m not good with hand flying my aircraft so I best prefer using autopilot after takeoff.

  3. What is your recommendations on how to make sure your device doesn’t drain battery while in flight? Shall I modify the settings to make my battery life as well as possible?

If I think of other questions to ask, I’ll put them here but thanks for any help! It’s much appreciated!

Happy Flights


Hey Kam!

A warm welcome back to IFC :)

I’m doing pretty excellent today. Just finished flying in a ATC tracking thread and controlled at KJFK on the ES earlier.

My preferred AP setting for takeoffs depends on the aircraft I’m flying. Most of the time it’s between 2500-3500ft/min for VS. Now for landings, I love to hand fly without AP to really make sure I can nail the landing.

During my long haul flights, I often turn off anti-aliasing, set the graphics to mid/low, and ensure my frame rate is set to 30FPS (As I normally fly with 60).

How are you doing this fine day on Infinite Flight?

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around 1500 - 2300 VS after takeoff
i recommend check this:

modify your settings to low

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Doing alright just getting ready for bed as I set up this flight


As others have answered the questions for you I will just be here to welcome you back! Happy Flying!

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Hi Kam,

  1. Doing good and lovely, thank you! Hope you are too!

  2. & 3) I’m sure the IFC will fire away with all the great answers!

Welcome back! Although in your past Infinite Flight experience I might not have existed here at the time :D

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Hope your good!
I’m sick rn, so not the best lol.
In takeoff, i usually pitch the nose 10 degrees above the horizon, at about 10k feet I set the ap to about 2000VS, if I set it below 10 k feet I ascend at 3000VS, in other words, this is my method of climbing,
Below 10k:3000VS
Below 20k:2000VS
Above 20k:1000VS

Depending on what device you use, you might want lower graphics

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This is a helpful way to know the settings for your device, enjoy!

Welcome back to the community Kam! Happy to have you here :)

Everyone has answered the questions pretty admirably, so just popped by to say welcome back and hope to see more of you here :)

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