BeeLine sunset

Hey hey.
I did a flight (again)
I also made some pictures (again)
This time I edited pictures (I think again)
I hope you like them :)

flight details

Aircraft: Brussels airlines a319
Flight time: 0:48

Here’s me me taking off from EBBR

Here’s me taking off, spotters view this time

Landing in EGLL with 17 knots of wind😳

Standing at the gate with a BA 747, BA a320 and Virgin 787

Please reply what you think about the screenshots, feedback is always appreciated😄


Beautiful… :o

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Thank you very much :o

Brussels Airlines!! ❤️😍

Lovely shots!

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Yes, I actually had the idea from you. You replied to screenshots and since you’re the CEO of Brussels Virtual, I made these screenshots as a special for you🇧🇪❤️


Awww, thank you! 😊

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Mooie foto’s!

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Hartelijk Bedankt 😊

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Very cool! Stunning!😎

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Thanks mate😄👊

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But… where’s the inverted universal language shot??

…, I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Als je de foto’s niet mooi vind, vertel me alstublieft wat ik moet doen zodat u ze ook mooi vind


The screenshots are great!

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Top Gun? … I’m messing with you bro, great shots!!

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Thank you very much.
@Mikey1974 lol, good luck with translating. And thank you for your kind words too😊❤️

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Nice pics mun, nice pics.

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Very nice! My favourite is the penultimate (second to last) one.

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Gaaf foto’s! 😁

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Thank you all for your feedback😊

lol make sure to do it again
did you see you saw the comments AGAIN
oh and also AMAZING PHOTOS

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