Beeline sunset volume 2

Ahoy there mateys, I’m back🛫

This time I went on an adventure with someone. Not just someone, but the CEO of Brussels Airlines Virtual Airlines!!!
He’s an awesome guy, and cool with everything, so I asked him to join me on a small Brussels Airlines flight.
You’ll hear more about this later.

The flight itself was nice, but of turbulence and a hard landing. But there was a “sunset”.

Flight details

route: EBBR-EGCC (Brussels-Manchester)
plane: a319-100
livery: Brussels Airlines
flight time: 1 hour

Picture time

Taking off from Brussels

Turning out of EBBR, let’s go to Manchester

Climbing to cruise altitude

Turning final with George on final

Now I’m on final with a bumpy landing ahead

Landing at EGCC, all passengers are still alive (I think)

Standing at gate, officially arrived in Manchester

Thank you for viewing🛫

If you wish to make some cool screenshots with this cool CEO too, visit BRUVA’s thread:


Well…, bye😃 see ya next time


Very Nice.

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Thank you very much

I love these pictures! Your passengers might need medical attention though. Lol

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Nice job! Now whether your passengers agree is another question :) ^GC


Beautiful! :)

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Thank you😄

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Nice pictures!

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Thanks mate😄

Get ready to give out some flight vouchers! Lol. Great shots.

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Very Very nice! :D 👏

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I think you were a bit high on the localizer station.

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Yeah, that’s a common problem for me…

Awesome shot!

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Thank you very much mate😊