Beechcraft V35B Bonanza

This V-tail aircraft would make a good addition to the GA fleet that Infinite Flight already has.

Here´s the POH if you´re interested in the aircraft.


Loving it! We need more GAs for pattern work!


Imagine if the next non-commercial aircraft were to be this one, it would be great.


I was just minutes away from creating a request for the S35. :)
The model 35 series were fantastic aircraft, long as its operator was sufficiently capable of operating in IMC.


Did you fly it?

No, just a general assumption.

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If I ever got a GA plane when I am older it would be that plane

Wise decision.

I’m going to revive this thread… The bonanza has been in mass production for longer than almost any other aircraft in the world. And the design is so good it hasn’t even changed changed much since 1947 when this beautiful aircraft was born. Such an awesome plane wouldn’t you guys agree?

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I don’t know why anyone in infinite flight asks for this plane to be in the game Beechcraft bonanza