Beechcraft Starship

I think a new GA aircraft is needed in the sim, and I think the beechcraft should be the perfect match. One of the most beautiful planes in the air. Twin turboprop, sleek, and easy to fly.


😮😱 So beautiful we need this very soon!


It’s the wrong way round :-(
(Lol 😂)


LoL! Nobody requested this beautiful prop?

Prop. And nope. I checked

Alright, I’m going to revamp this thread. This plane looks absolutely amazing and unique. I want this plane, I need this plane.



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So uhhhh… where’s the rudder located exactly?

Was just wondering the same thing! But then? I took a closer look and I’m pretty sure it sticks down from the back, in-between the two props. I could be mistaken, but that just looks like the most logical place that it would be looking at the picture.

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It’s on the winglets I’m pretty sure. Those don’t really act as winglets as they do rudder

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Quite an odd, but nice looking and unique aircraft. To me, it almost resembles an XP-55. The name almost matches it, too.

Necroposting, advertising your feature on another feature request, etc. We’ve had this discussion already. Feel free to recreate.