Beechcraft Model 99

I would like to introduce you to this cute and usefull plane :

The Beechcraft 99 :
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The first model has been introduced in 1969 and beechcraft was hoping to have a production of 100 crafts per year sinds 1969, however, Beechcraft has manufactured only 239 models 99 in 18 years.

The model 99 is equipped by 2 turboprops engines, 2 PT6A-20 of 550hp. It can be equipped with a cargo pod(as shown on the image under the plane’s fuselage), a cargo door on the back or with a full cargo setup. The airliner model can transport 15/17 passengers at once. The PT6A-20s allows the plane to go at 215kts max speed, 320nm max range, max altitude of 25000ft and a max climb rate of 1770ft/min.

The model 99 comes from the queen air with a modified fuselage that the constructor has made longer and equipped with the King Air’s engines, the PT6A-20s, instead of the piston engines that the Queen Air was equipped with. the plane has a 14m wingspan, is 13.58m long, 4.38m tall and has a wing and lift surface of 25.98m².

That plane has equipped fleets all over the world and I think it would be nice to add it sinds we have a low amount of GA aircrafts as well as regional aircrafts. I would situate it between the GA planes(because it can be used as an executive plane) and the regional planes. It would be a nice addition to the game with the King Air 350i.

I don’t propose any airline livery in this topic because I don’t know if you would think it would be nice to add this plane.

Thank you for reading.

Awsome request I love mo see more GA aircraft being requested hopefully we are able to seethis plane in the future


Awesome request we need more GAs.

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Take my vote! Also it would be great to see Baron 58 later!.. Like this plane very much, and we deffinetly need more GA aircrafts in the sim.

@Oleg_Shemyakov yes we need more small GA/airliners like that. Thank you very much for voting, hoping this topic could get us somewhere ;)

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Nice read this morning, thanks for posting.

This gets a vote, thanks for the detailed post!

As mentioned above its a good read