Beechcraft KingAir 1900

Infinite Flight is lacking turboprop airliners. The Beechcraft 1900 would fit short flights that regional jets would not be needed for.

Range 439 mi

Wingspan 58′ 0″

Top speed 326 mph

Cruise speed 322 mph

Weight: 10,430 lbs

Well yes, it is a little cutie, isn’t it ☺️
Is it always used as an airliner? How much extra value would this have over our beloved Caravan…

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Yes! This is so needed! Along with the Saab 340!
Totally gonna use the air Canada express on this livery!
However this is a duplicate. It has 14 votes, so, y’know.

However this is only for the D series
Hmm, I’ll let the mods make the call


I personally prefer the KingAir 350i but this is nice as well! I’d love to see some more business jets though (i.e. Gulfstream 450/550/650, Falcon 7x-9x, Challenger, and the like).

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Main difference between the 1900 and 1900D is the interior cabin height. If this were to be an aircraft added, the differences between the models would be negligible. Please vote on the topic that Westjet included in his post. Thanks!