Beechcraft King Air 350i

I’ve seen some unique birds over the years and this one was, I guess you could say the most intimidating one to show up. The FAA Flight Standards Service showed up in their C90 and a couple of my buddies and I were granted permission to check their aircraft out. It was actually pretty sweet. They had a Collins glass panel setup. I don’t recall what exactly they had but it was pretty sweet.

I had to do some digging for a bit to find these. After @Damian shared the first C90, I had no choice but to hunt down this bad boy. 😏


King air would be a great addition. We have no twin GA props.


I think we need more GA aircraft that can be used as Airline aircraft

Not many aircraft can be considered GA and be used in commercial airline operations.

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I think we need an aircraft which combines the speed and agility of a military fast jet with the ease of use of a GA plane. Fast jet trainers fit this role well. I do still like the King Air (the RAF use it for training pilots of multi engine aircraft), I would just prefer something like a Pilatus PC-21 or a Shorts Tucano.


I wish i had a free vote to give to this poll -_-

@DeerCrusher can you add the brand new Wheels Up American Heart Association livery to my list? Here is the link:


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Voted. We definitely need more GA and military aircraft.

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Added. I love the red on that aircraft. Looks pretty sleek. Not sure if I’m being biased since it’s my favorite color, but it’s certainly a hot rod of the skies no.


This is a good request. If the King Air and the Pilatus get but into IF I ll be happy.

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Definately need more GA like this. I am happy to have GA instead of airliners personally.

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OMG I was just about to make a post for something like this then finally somebody has asked for a twin roter GA aircraft! Definitely got my vote and I will support this all the way!

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I’m SO hoping this plane will be added at some point. We need it badly!


@DeerCrusher , I’ve got another livery for you to add(Please)! ;)

State of Ohio

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No issue with this AC if we can get it as the MC-12w as well. Great ISR resource.


Always wanted a twin prop


Hopefully a regular or @DeerCrusher can add it to my list above.

This aircraft is very nice! Very nice👍

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With the CRJ on the horizon, the developers could be asking for community input on the next aircraft to be added to Infinite Flight. If this is something that you’d like to eventually see as an aircraft featured in the app, why not drop a vote for this twin prop? ✅ Join the movement to promote General Aviation in Infinite Flight today.

Hey you! Yeah, you! You know you want this added. What are you waiting for?

@NetJets_Nick has compiled a list of potential liveries we could see if this were added. I have brought the list, that he created, further down on this topic so that its a bit more accessible to you, the viewer/reader/pilot. Each link listed below will redirect you to a source image of the organization/company/operator that is spelled out. As you can see we have quite an extensive list.

I have made this Wiki available to folks that wish to add a livery that may have been missed. If there are any other’s that you may know of or would like to be added, feel free to add them in the list below with a hyperlink.


Wheels Up (see first post)

Wheels Up Breast Cancer Awareness Livery

Wheels Up Ovarian Cancer Awareness Livery

Wheels Up American Heart Association Livery ❤️

Battelle Memorial Institute

Super King, LLC.


USAF 88th Air Base Wing

USAF Beechcraft C-12 Huron Variants

Royal Canadian Air Force

French Customs

Mexico Navy

Mexico Army

US Dept. of Justice

ADAC Ambulance

Internacional Ejecutiva de Aviación

Ecuador - Police

Iran Civil Aviation Training & Service Center (CATSC)


Xinjiang General Aviation

Specsavers Aviation

Itochu Aviation


Air Samara

Nigeria - Air Force

Saudi Arabia - Air Force

Saddle Creek Corp.

Norwegian Coastal Administration

US Customs & Border Protection

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Turkish Ministry of Health

Ambulance Service of New South Wales

Titan Airways

Flight Calibration Services

Royal Australian Air Force

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

State of Ohio

Wheels Up (Gama Aviation) - GamaJet