Beechcraft King Air 350i


I realize that there are a few other posts for King Air’s but the 350i is slightly different than those already that are posted. With more powerful engines, and a larger cabin, this aircraft would make for an excellent addition to the already slim option of turboprops in Infinite Flight. No one ever said that you needed to fly far and fast. This would be a great aircraft for those short trips to and from your favorite airports or to just cruise around in.

All information was derived from the link below the picture on this post.
Max Cruise Speed: 360 mph
Range: 1,265 miles with 2 pilots and 4 passengers
Maximum Operating Altitude: 35,000 ft.

Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A
Landing Field Length: 4,300 ft. (standard)/3,200 ft. (conditional)
Max Payload: 2,000 lbs

Photo source is in the link as well. 😉

This topic is not subject to just one livery but more of the make and model of the aircraft.

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Wheels Up! Yes! Another must have from the business aviation world.


Yea please we need a twin GA in the mix. I lost my aviation virginity on this plane 😂


Lmao.😂 Theres always a first for everything.


I seriously hope our cries for GA are heard in FDS. Stop oppressing my love for the low and slow


I love this aircraft so much.


I’ll buy it !
Need a twin engine GA.


The King Air - one of my favorite turboprops out there. Would love to fly this up and down the west coast.


These would look so amazing with engine start/stop. 😍


@DeerCrusher Solid feature request. The best I’ve seen in a while, in my opinion.


I personally would like to see the GA aspect of Infinite Flight grow and flourish as much as the heavier metals.


Nice feature request. We need a solid twin turboprop in IF.


I’m compiling a list of operators (of the King Air family) with proof because of the popularity this post has received. This is a WIP.


Wheels Up (see first post)

Wheels Up Breast Cancer Awareness Livery

Wheels Up Ovarian Cancer Awareness Livery

Wheels Up American Heart Association Livery ❤️

Battelle Memorial Institute

Super King, LLC.


USAF 88th Air Base Wing

USAF Beechcraft C-12 Huron Variants

Royal Canadian Air Force

French Customs

Mexico Navy

Mexico Army

US Dept. of Justice

ADAC Ambulance

Internacional Ejecutiva de Aviación

Ecuador - Police

Iran Civil Aviation Training & Service Center (CATSC)


Xinjiang General Aviation

Specsavers Aviation

Itochu Aviation


Air Samara

Nigeria - Air Force

Saudi Arabia - Air Force

Saddle Creek Corp.

Norwegian Coastal Administration

US Customs & Border Protection

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Turkish Ministry of Health

Ambulance Service of New South Wales

Titan Airways

Flight Calibration Services

Royal Australian Air Force

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

State of Ohio

Wheels Up (Gama Aviation) - GamaJet


You need to include the pink Wheels Up scheme. 😁


I couldn’t think of a better Twin GA aircraft to add to the sim. This would be very interesting to fly short, exciting routes with in some more exotic locations when global comes out.


This is a beautiful turbo-prob that I would love to see in IF. Nice feature request.


We need this beauty! Vote vote
2xPT6 - you gotta love that sound


If the devices put out a smell feature, I wouldn’t mind the smell of jet fuel in the morning. 😉


I would love to see this beautiful twin in IF.


Nah… I don’t want any more small planes like the Cessna 172 and the super decathlon, I’d rather have either more larger cargo planes or more modern aircraft like the A350 (yes I know it’s the next aircraft in line after the MD11) and the 777 max and also more liveries being added to the current planes