Beechcraft Bonanza G36

As a future increase of general aviation airplanes in Infinite Flight is inevitable, I present to you one of the most common GA airplanes flying today: the Beechcraft Bonanza G36. It is being used by all kinds of pilots, from business people to student pilots. More than 17,000 Bonanzas have been build.

Brief history and variants
The original Beechcraft Bonanza G35, aka the forked-tail doctor killer, was introduced in 1947. There have been three main variants since:

  • G35 // 1947–1982 // Original version, V-tail
  • G33 // 1959–1995 // Conventional tail version of the G35
  • G36 // 1968–2020 // Stretched model G33, still in production
    The Bonanza is still one of the most prominent GA planes in the skies today.

Why the G36?
There are several reasons why I’m requesting the G36, a few of them are:

  • Most modern version, making it stay relevant for a long time to come
  • Best flight characteristics of the three
  • Most modern cockpit with displays making it easier to develop (to my understanding)
  • It’s my favourite ;)

I hope this is worth your vote as we welcome more high quality GA aircraft to the Infinite Flight fleet!

Credit: Textron Aviation

For those who would like to learn more:

This would be a great addition! It’s a really nice aircraft

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Ooh I like this little GA aircraft !


Well vote! ;)

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Sadly I don’t have a vote, my other ones are more important to me. 🙂

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Nice one! No votes left alas…


Great suggestion, you have my vote!


I would vote but hear me out. IF has a lot of variety, from warbirds to airliners to historic airliners to GA to turboprops but one thing is missing - twin engine turboprops. We got the TBM as a single engine turboprop which is what this is. It’s not that I don’t want to see this, it’s just that I believe a twin turboprop should probably come first.


Completely agree, would love to see the twin otter. Just made this topic so it’s one of the options for future single engine aircraft. Wouldn’t compare it to the tbm but rather to the sr22

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Would definitely love to see this plane. That or a V-tail model.

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Voted! this would be great to fly patterns with!!


Matt Guthmiller’s plane would be so sick


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We need this! I voted

Ima bump this

It would be so cool if we could recreate what Matt Guthmiller did with his plane!

This would be awesome to have the Bonanza on IF. Such a beautiful aircraft.