Beechcraft Baron

Hello IF are you adding the Beechcraft Baron to the game? If so, I’ll be very happy and delighted if you add that GA aircraft.

Hello, there is a feature request. Although it’s pretty old feel free to vote for it. an utilize the search bar 👍
Also the aircraft we know of that are coming at the moment are the Airbus A350 and they’ve reworking the 777… Nothing else is confirmed…

I saw you already voted for the aircraft on the thread, which is the best way to express interest. However, IF is not adding this aircraft in the near future, as far as they have said, but always look out in the future! You never know what the team might add.

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As of right now, there aren’t any publicized plans to add it. If you’re interested, you should vote for the feature request up above.

In the future, it might be a good idea to search for existing topics like these.

Here’s a guide of things that’s good for you to know. Feel free to PM me or any of the other Regulars with questions!

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Mystery GA is also coming soon, although we don’t know the exact aircraft.

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I was going to say that but i didn’t know if that was 100% or not👍👍 thanks for adding