Beechcraft A23-24

My opinion: I think that it can benefit from the way this beast flys because it can expand the fleet from what so far it is to help users fly to smaller regions and EXPLORE THE GLOBE!


More About The Aircraft

What exactly do you mean by this? Do you think people are looking at IF and wanting to see this exact aircraft, that looks very similar to an aircraftwe already have in the game anyway - that is rarely flown?

It’s a broad statement and you putting words in peoples mouths, I highly doubt you know what folk are thinking when they’re searching and come across IF.

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No i just think that it will add more variety to the GA club

Then I suggest you change how you have worded “your opinion” and dont forget to vote for your own request!

To what @Mags885

Well I dont know, its your opinion but you’re saying that other people see IF without this aircraft an dont download it because it’s not included or being considered? That’s not an opinion but more of a false statement. Tell us why YOU want it in the game, what does it bring that we don’t already have?

Thanks @Mags885 I changed it and now it actually sounds better

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No problem, coming up with a punchy introduction is key to any request making it. Best of luck with this one pal 👍

My thoughts are that we have enough single prop ga. 1 twin prop ga that is NOT A NORMAL PASSENGER PLANE and is small with 2-6 seats, a few bush planes, then start working on the corporate fleet.

A good idea for a nice future airplane.