Beechcraft 1900D

A huge “yes” from me! Unfortunately, I’m all out of votes and I don’t plan in removing my votes from other #features requests.


Anything with a Propeller is perfect for IF ;-)


This would make for awesome small commuter trips! :)


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It kinda looks like a Shorts 330 or Shorts 360, but not as “boxy” lol I really like watching these on fr24

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Yes, I would love to have this especially with the ANZ livery


I’ve seen Air Canada Express ones at CYYC. They fly to Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat with the hub at Calgary.


Looks funny, but nice, I like it ;)

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It does look a little funny, but it would be an aircraft I think that many would fly.

If you need a subject matter expert I’m the Beech 1900 program manager at a large part 135 cargo operation. If someone decides to make this I can provide unlimited amounts of data for both 1900/1900C/1900D

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Bumping this topic, because I think this could be a great addition to the sim of Infinite Flight

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This will be a great aircraft to fly small flights in. Took my vote!

This is amazing!! We need this

Love this plane!! Still very heavily used by Air Canada. There are 15-20 flights per day out of CYYC using this plane. I’ll look for a vote to remove to vote for this!

EDIT: Voted!

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I fly the Mighty Beech 5 days a week. Awesome airplane! And it would be easy to make a king air model at the same time!!!

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I love this plane. Would be so happy to see it in the sim one day :)

I’d love see Ravn’s (Hageland’s) and Berring’s 1900s

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Gonna bump because it would be nice to have more small airliners in IF.


with the air new zealand livery as well

gee those propellers are so dangerous! Thier so near to the cabin

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