Becoming unknown

Since the update. When i fly or play a atc i becomung unknow and iacnt see other players plnes and data on them and the atc ignore or dont answer to my calls why is that? Its happend to me every flight. I dont leave the app and i have stable internet connation!

i get this a lot to make it stop is to leave the operation and re join and everything is back to normal

But every game its do it to me over and over. I dont know if i will buy another sub of it will continued i even restart the app and it wont work it happen when in like 5 min

Can you record your screen when it happens? A lot of time the issue may be on the pilot side. Now if every plane on your screen is unknown that is a different issue.

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This is whats happend every player in the screen become unknown and then the atc doesnt respond to my calls

It may be something with your device/connection. Can you try a different connection and see if it happens there too?

  • Are you on cellular or WIFI?
  • Try a friends house or a different network and see if it happens there

If all is good on other networks then we narrowed it down to something on your home network. Firewall, router, etc.

Are you connected to a VPN with your device?

I think the issue is your running the old version of IF meaning you can’t see the new aircraft that has been added have you checked the App Store for a update ?

Yes i conect on israel vpn i will try with me cellphone intenet now and i let you know . When i play usauly i play with my home wifi maby its problem with the router

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