Becoming part of the beta

Now that I have your attention… Since it’s getting out of control, emailing me or any other member of the team to get into the beta will not work.
We only add people based on recommendations from existing trusted beta testers, and they take responsibility if they recommend someone.

Also, only a very select group of long time trusted testers get to try the new planes before release, so if you want to get the 787 with just an email, it won’t work :)



May I also add, spamming moderators with messages will also not get you into beta. As @Laura said, it is based only on recommendations. Moderators do not get any special treatment when it comes to beta testing, thus we cannot get you in just because we are moderators.


If I told you that beta wouldn’t be a secret. No more questions please 🤗


@Patrick_U - you might want to read this after bragging to all your Instagram friends that I was getting you into beta :-)


So now existing beta testers get to enjoy the flood of messages. :D


This thread has run its course.

Please make sure you read and understand Laura’s original post.

tl;dr: don’t spam any developer, mod or beta tester to try and get into the beta :)