Becoming IFATC error

I tired a few times last night and a few times today to sign up to become apart of the IFATC community however when I go to submit my application it says error account not found

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Would you be able to send us a screenshot of the error?

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Additionally, make sure you are filing out the Recruitment Information under: → Recruiting → Join ATC!

Is your IFC Account linked with your account In game? If not, that’s the thing to do.

it is indeed linked, I even unlinked and relinked to troubleshoot

If you’ve done all of that, that may be a glitch on the sites end. Tagging @Chris_S as he’s the mastermind behind the site. Sit tight!

Try refreshing or clearing your cache before resubmitting another. As a side note, avoid sharing identifying data like your email publicly. It’s not a good practice.

If this doesn’t work please feel free to send Chris S (tagged above) a PM. We’ll absolutely get it sorted for you! Good luck in the process.


It worked on my iPad that I use for infinite flight. Thank you for the help!

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I can confirm it went through. I have verified your application and it’s now on the waitlist for a Recruiter to claim! Good luck :)