Becoming an IFATC

No I’m still studying for the test… i tried to control an airspace but it was a bit hard to handle 25 aircrafts at the same time… I have the ATC manual, and I’m trying to find ATC videos but i dont know which one to watch. What are th benefits of opening an ATC tracking thread?

That’s a bit much. Start with 4-5, since that’s how many there will be at the IFATC practical.

ATC tracking threads allow for the community (not the trolls) to come and fly patterns wherever you open and give you feedback.


Reminder that people are allowed to provide general, nonspecific feedback.
Example of good general feedback:

  • You must provide all aircraft calling inbound with a pattern entry for their runway

Example of not allowed specific feedback:
You should’ve sequenced N123AB #2 behind N456AB instead of #3 behind N789CD.

The only people allowed to provide specific feedback are IFATC Trainers and Supervisors.

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