Becoming an IFATC

Steps :

Study via manual / YouTube video
Contact a recruiter for the written exam
If i pass ( fingers crossed ) i will be trained for an undetermined time
And then i will have the practical exam
And become IFATC

Is the written test hard?

If you take it seriously study hard in the manual and watch every IFATC video and observe them well, you should be good, I was lucky to pass the written first try because I studied it a lot, I recommend you do that too

Most people don’t pass written first try, stay motivated and make sure to prove those statistics wrong!

My atc tracking thread is open check here and join my atc at LFBO I’ll show ya a pattern

You said : IFATC videos. Are IFATC videos = infinite flight ATC playlists on YouTube?

I’ll send you a few links

@Rian_OShea be right back, I’m coming with another device since my iPad is literally crashing and making my plane land super badly, same for take off

(Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting)*

How cool! :)

Thats my discord if anyone wants to help me or just adding me to discuss about my IFATC admission : Kol#0692

Starting my first day of intense studying today

Just coming back to say that I’m struggling if someone can help me i will be very happy

Struggling in what way? You can always start a tracking thread or contact a trainer if you’ve attempted a written test.

No I’m still studying for the test… i tried to control an airspace but it was a bit hard to handle 25 aircrafts at the same time… I have the ATC manual, and I’m trying to find ATC videos but i dont know which one to watch. What are th benefits of opening an ATC tracking thread?

That’s a bit much. Start with 4-5, since that’s how many there will be at the IFATC practical.

ATC tracking threads allow for the community (not the trolls) to come and fly patterns wherever you open and give you feedback.


Reminder that people are allowed to provide general, nonspecific feedback.
Example of good general feedback:

  • You must provide all aircraft calling inbound with a pattern entry for their runway

Example of not allowed specific feedback:
You should’ve sequenced N123AB #2 behind N456AB instead of #3 behind N789CD.

The only people allowed to provide specific feedback are IFATC Trainers and Supervisors.

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