Becoming an IFATC

Thank you for your answers! I saw the IFCATC thread, and if i understand it right, i have to take a writing test ( with some questions i guess). To get this knowledge, do i have to watch the Air trafic control playlist on infinite flight’s YouTube channel? Is the test that difficult? Because I’m getting very nervous when i have to do tests…
And how is the training? Is there schedules, or it’s private courses/classes one on one with a trainer?

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I would highly suggest to watch the videos atleast once, read the manual and understand it well.
When you do the written bring a pen and a paper.
And most important one. To ask questions.
No seriously ask questions. In my opinion vidoes and the manuals helps but not like asking questions

Yes. All the information you need to know is in the ATC manual and the tutorials. The way training works is that 3-4 aircraft fly patterns, and you control them, then after the session the trainer gives you feedback. The practical works the same way, except you’re being tested and evaluated on your controlling during it. The only difference is that training isn’t a test.

Since you’re grade 3 now.
The only thing you will need is to get 500 ops.
And go through the requirements above.
(I think you’re older than 14)

If i understood it right, the writing test, it’s a test to enter the IFATC training center right? I was planning to write all importants informations of all videos in a paper. But @Omar_Alqinneh you told me that ‘’ ask questions ‘’, to who am i supposed to ask? Since i thought that the writing test is personal and private to have an access to the IFATC training center

Open an ATC tracking thread with this information
but before you do that, start ATC controlling on TS in smaller airports such as EGCC, EIDW, KEWR, etc.
then move on to major airports in the middle of the day when it’s not at the peak hour. When you feel you’re experienced enough, start controlling EGLL, KLAX etc. but just a warning: it’s a very high workload, especially on the TS where hardly anyone listens to your instructions. Start watching Tyler’s ATC tutorial videos here
make sure to navigate to that channel and watch all the videos.

When you think you’re up for it, go to this page where you can contact a recruiter and schedule an IFATC written exam. For this exam I recommend you to utilize a pen and paper for drawing out situations. Before taking this exam, make sure you know this atc manual and learn the tower and ground part off by heart. Upon passing the written, you should contact a trainer here so he can schedule a few sessions to prepare you for your practical exam.
Personally, I’m about to take the practical exam later on this week, so I hope to see you aboard IFATC soon!

And as always, EVERYONE needs motivation. Here’s a really good motivational video on YT.

I wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see you working alongside me in the future in IFATC!


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I am more than happy to help :)
Asking is never private. But with limits ofcource.
Don’t ask what are the questions 😂.

Ahaha haha, i thought i would look younger on my profil picture, but yeah I’m almost 20! And my infinite flight profil indicates me ( top right corner of the screen on the ATC menu ) that i have 775 operations. I think I’m eligible to apply, no?

you sure are

Ah yes, I can see people like touching these links

@Rian_OShea your message was the kindes! THANK YOU! I hope to work with you very soon too!
If i get it right that’s all the steps :

  • Watch YouTube videos
    -Learn ATC manual
  • Contact an IFATC member to have some practical tests
  • Contact IFATC member for the written exam

And then my courses starts?
I’m really confused since my English isn’t that good, i hope that i have all of the informations and steps to follow

Yep, contact a recruiter.
With all the info need.
Please don’t say (I want to be an IFATC)
List your info.
And wait a day or two, he will contact you, if eligible he will send you a link for your written test. If passsed then you have 2 options.
Either do the practical and enter. Or to get Training.
I Higly recommend to get training. It usually takes 2 weeks if you’re really motivated z but if you’re lazy it would take months if not more.

The first ones you got right, but you first contact a recruiter, he will first schedule a written test, then, once you pass, he will schedule a practical

Watch videos, read the manual (do you have it?)
If you have any questions, ask me.
never say I don’t have question.
The manual doesn’t even cover 65 percent in my opinion if not less.
Always ask.

Yep, get training before that practical.

Thank you again!
No i dont have the manual…
So, to be eligible becoming an IFATC i have to go through a test am i right?
Then i have practicals for maybe weeks/months …
And then i have the final exam that @Rian_OShea is going through to become an IFATC right? ( FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU)

To summarize,
Read Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting.
Read manual, watch videos, and ASK.
Make sure you’re eligible for the required, contact a recruiter, (you will find them in the link above)
If eligible he will send a link for the written part.
Then if you passed you will have 2 options, either to do the practical and enter, or to get training and then do the practical.
Once you finish your practical and passed , then congrats you’re in.
Then you will be an apprentice, after a week (it really depends on how much you’re opening a day, I was opening twice a day and got it in a week) you will begin your check ride process.
Then after a week, (same applies as above) you will be a specialist, so you can basically control at bravo Airports (large Airports)
You can doesn’t mean you should. It’s really busy.
I am an IFATC for nearly 3 weeks rn, and I am still afraid from opening hubs 😂.

Will link manual wait a sec

Here’s the training link ATC Training.
And here is the manual

Can’t wait until I ll see you!
Again if you have any questions ask me.
24/7 online since there is no school haha


Hello again!
When you’re ready, contact an atc recruiter, and he will schedule the your written test. You only take the written test once, unless you failed. Then your recruiter is going to schedule your practical exam, which also will take only once unless you fail