Becoming a regular?

I can’t seem to find why I’m not a regular yet, here are my stats. Can you help?

Check this post:

Message me and I’ll send them over.


@Henrik message you for what? @Clement_Boisselier I’ve already read that but again I can’t find what I’m still missing.

I believe he will send the requirements of the IFC (moderators can change the requirements) and your statistics in order to compare them.


I’ll send your stats (only available to mods) to why you’re not regular.

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Okay thank you

Actually, those are the default requirements for become a Regular in all Discourse forums, therefore those you have linked are not necessarily the official requirements, since they can be modified by the forum administrator, as you can see in the link you posted. He has to comply now with these recent changes.


Thank you Henrick solved it thanks.

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