Becoming a Regular and Being Suspended

Hello! I am on a long journey to becoming a regular so I can help the community to become a better place and to join in on the lounge. About this I am confused. On the forum, to my understanding, if you are suspended even just once, you will never have the ability to become a regular? Or is there an exception (Time, Good Behavior, Etc.)? Also, there was a long period of time where I was not able to be on the forum, and I am not sure if I have ever been suspended for something. How can I find this out? Thanks for your responses!

Simply ask a moderator.

Thanks! Wasn’t sure if there was some kind of chart to see anything.

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From the regular requirements

In the last 100 days:
You must have been not suspended

This means that after the end of the suspension, you have to “wait” 100 days

So from the day you get back I’m guessing you have 100 days before you can start on the road to becoming a regular?

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I think its how it works

Makes sense, I was wondering myself too lol

Thanks! Didn’t see that o the requirements page!

I don’t think so!

Suspensions are not part of the regular requirements. I’ve also already covered this here:


@grxninesix @SkyHighGuys those were changed to 90 days, remember? :)


Nope i don’t remember 😂