Becoming a pilot

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So as you could probably tell I want to be a pilot when I get older, but I don’t know where to start. I’m 15 years old. I was looking at ATP flight school. Then I started looking at how I would become a pilot for Delta Airlines

There is a company pilot path and a college path.

Company path being- start as a delta employee, do flight training, instruct to ATP minimums, Delta connection carrier, then on to mainline.

College path being- go to college, then to, Delta Private Jets, Delta connection carrier, or military, then to mainline Delta.

Which would be better and more promising?

Do I even bother with ATP flight school?

How do I start as a delta employee then go to flight training?


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So you have a few options, first you should get a bachelors degree which will make you alot more competitive and should get one anyways.

and you can join the military civilian route or ATP route.

military route join the airforce and fly and get your licenses that way (I think do not quote me on that)

civilian route which I am doing is go to any flight school get your ratings that way, thats another discussion on how to build hours and go to the regionals and build hours for delta.

or spend a lot of time studying and flying in a very short 9 months with a possibly guaranteed flight instructor job, I say possibly because with COVID I heard that they cannot guarantee a CFI (Certified flight Instructor job) and then go for the regionals and then the major airlines.


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