Becoming a pilot...

Hey guys.
Apologies in adavance as this is a very obscure question but I’ve tried my very best to establish the answer myself on and airline websites but to no prevail.

I then however realised there’s a place full of airplane junkies like myself that may be able to help.

My dream in life is to become a commercial pilot and obtain my CPP (UK) however something from my past has come to bite me in the back.

Would a cannabis caution (youth caution) affect my dream of being a pilot. Gov says an employer can obtain this one DBS check. Also would this affect my chances of traveling or getting a visa?

The basic question is are there any pilots, people who know a pilot or anyone with any helpful information regarding this?

Thanks so much guys


I’m not sure about the rules in the UK I know in the US if you have a DUI with anything it has to be reported to the FAA and they may take further action. You can always call the local EAA office and ask.


AFAIK, junior offenses are wiped after 5 years.

You need the standard disclosure for an ‘airside’ pass so the company will ask you to apply for one. Junior offenses will not be listed so it ‘should’ come back clean.

Good luck.


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