Becoming a drone pilot

I’m finally becoming a drone pilot after a really long time. I’m getting a dji mini 2. Super excited to make some amazing shots above prague


Cool! I’ve flown a dji before and they are really high quality. Very fun when in sport mode!

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Yeah I know. Did you need a license to fly as I’m still re searching that. I’m pretty sure it depends on which country you are in

In the US we do not. I’m not sure about European countries though.

Hmm you are lucky I do though it’s just an online test

Can it do egll-klax tho?


Yeah, I have one too, really fun

in the uk you need a permit which is bought for £9 a year so pretty cheap and then the licence but that is only for drones above 250g so it doesnt apply for my mini 2

Ah great but I’m planning to also fly it in the Czech Republic other then where I live in the uk. Flying over london has strict rules and I don’t want to risk prison so probably I will go out of London and fly there

Haha kinda funny. No but you can fly it to the other side of town

Its good enough

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Nice! Congrats bro have fun :)

Congrats, enjoy flying it! Unfortunately this isn’t related to Infinite Flight.