Become an ATIS controller

I was wondering to became an Atis controller, I’m actually grade 3.

Grade doesn’t matter. IFATC have to go through testing and be given clearance by staff and maybe the supervisors of IFATC Not sure so don’t quote me on clearance And ATIS is only available in Expert server, for those who have gone through the testing of joining IFATC. If you’re interested i’ve left a link below for you but to join i believe you have to be TL1 as @TaipeiGuru said


Keep in mind that the requirements to join IFATC include being TL1 or higher on the IFC, so you’ll need to hang around the community for a bit longer before you can join.


Welcome to the community, @Jacopo_Delle_Piane!

In order to become ATIS, you need to become IFATC. You need to undergo a few tests, and you will be able to control on Expert servers. However, if you become IFATC you wont be able to control on TS.

Follow the link above by AlphaDog for more information.


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Thanks to replying to me, and how can I have a grade 1 in community? Something like reply to the other comments and post some questions?
Thanks for your help

Have a look through this👍
But essentially yes, be active, engage in discussions, like posts and get your posts liked👍

And this link if you read through it will show you the requirements that discourse has set for TL(1)(2)(3)
But the team for IF changed them a bit making TL1 easier to get but TL3 harder to get👍 so make sure to have a read through both of the links here


Thanks a lot :)

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