Become a virtual passenger!

How about a trip to St.Maarten, the popular Plane Spotting Island in the Caribbean?
Or how about a flight to Portland, for a Mt. St. Helens jaunt or to Aspen for skiing a bit in the rocky mountains?
Still this week? And without paying a single cent?
No problem!

The InfinieFlight Virtual Airline TravelSky now offers an online flight booking system.
Become a virtual passenger and fly with us to more than 30 different destinations in so far 5 regions!

All you need to do to become a passenger and board on one of our numerous routes is to fill out the form below. An InfiniteFlight Forum usename is needed!

Everything is explained in the form, for further requests please comment below!

Important: This form is a beta version and needs your feedback and improvement proposuals. We would like you, if you are interested, to book a flight and give us feedback about how you like the implementation and the overall experience. Thank you! :)

Behalf of the whole TravelSky leadership I want to thank you for your feedback and for reading the post :)

The team:
@grxninesix @The_simulation_nerd @BavariaAVIATION

If you are interested in knowing more about TravelSky, check our webpage or this post:
TravelSky Airlines

No, this is not a duplicate topic, spam or anything similar as it is not promotion for the airline itself, the post only introduces a new feature we would like to show you. This form was not introduced by our airline so far, so it’s NOT duplicate, just to make things clear.


Max Sez… VA’s… There like " Wack a Mole" or a “Lemming” invasion on this site! Where’s the FDS Exterminator!


Burgers, some like them, some don’t.
Virtual Airlines, some like them, some don’t.
Where’s the problem?


I have eclectic taste. I like fine wine & dinning. Your right @BavariaAVIATION VA’s are for those who sup at “Burger King”! Pass the Tum’s pls. Max Sends


Nice Embed of the form. Love it!

discourse does this sorta automatically, but thanks!

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Nice idea but what’s the use?

Anyway, Paris is not in the list so I can’t go home 😂


I would like Amsterdam also

@AF330 Good point, but simple as that: Every airline has passengers.
The airline and the passengers don’t really profit from this, but it simply adds more diversity to IF and realism to VAs ;)

@DS2001 We’re already working on that! We will expand to europe soon and the first region for our new subsidaries TravelSky Europe and Quickjet will be Amsterdam. It’s only a matter of time when we will launch TSKeurope, I should be able to push it out within the next 5 days when I’ve finished route testing and updating the route catalog and booking form. Adding a new region to our route list pulls a lot of work with it.

Thanks for advertising!

Honestly, what is the point of this? You just fill out a form for fun?

I’d fill it out if you sent me a free pack of peanuts or something.

What’s the point if you cannot even be around for the flight in IF?

Europeans airports will come later… when we have good number of pilots we want launch TravelSky Europe with Europe airports :)

like a real airline website

How would you be able to be in passenger view?

Not at all. Or do you know a feature like that?

I don’t get it though. How would you guys do this?

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We all adore IF because of its huge percentage of realism, right?
So why can’t we just add this realism to VAs? Every real life airline has passengers. We thought this would be a nice addition to the usual IF experience and (!) it is a beta version. This was purely made to test what feedback we get and wheter the comminity likes the idea.
If you don’t feel like this is a good addition to IF, just ignore this, but thanks for your feedback! :)

Ok, I see.

  1. Book flight
    => we send you confirmation and discuss departure time
  2. one of our pilots does the flight and the “passenger” can look at his flight on liverflightapp.

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“Thank you for your decision to fly with TravelSky! We will review your booking and contact you within the next 2-3 days!”- What if I booked it for tomorrow?