Become a part of the world’s first passenger experience focused social platform.

Hi guys, we just wanted to take a minute to talk about a new app focusing on passenger experience that we have launched. @philippe very kindly gave us the permission to invite you to be a part of out core beta testing community.

It is called PAX and we want it to be the passenger experience discovery platform of the future.

It enables passengers to share their travel experiences and tips (text, images and videos) in real-time and our AI algorithms deliver them to other passengers based on who they are, what they like when travelling and where they are travelling. So it is like Spotify of passenger experience.

We first made this product when we got really tired trying to find out how a flight would be, and how people most like us found the flight.
Sure we got ratings, but not videos and images and experiences that would tell us exactly what we wanted to know.

We launched a private beta mid last month and we have had some amazing response! We just updated our app and it is something we were comfortable enough to share with the Infinite-flight community. We don’t want to be intrusive in any way :)

You can get more details from our website - and register there to be a beta tester if you like what you see.

You can also become a part of our community here -

If you need help, or simply need to contact us, please create an account on our forum and create a topic or message me here. No replies will be given here respecting the community guidelines. If you just need a general information PM me.

For those of you who want to see the app straight away feel free to download it for iOS here - and for android here -

Once again, thank you very much @philippe, and we hope that the community will like it!

Team PAX


It’s pretty dope. Can vouch for that


^^ Thanks @MishaCamp for your comment ;-)

That actually is a great idea. Don’t fly enough to use it but might have a look


I suggest you sharing all the flights that you made on our app!;-)

Really hope to contribute as I travel A LOT (more than I wished)

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Oh that’s awesome! It’ll be amazing if you can share all your flights from the past 6 months on our app ;-) If you need assistance or you have a question, PM on our forum ;-)

Ok great, I just applied on the website!

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Thanks! We appreciate ;-)

Awesome! Can’t find where to apply, can I apply over here? I do have some testing experience, and I travel somewhat a lot. :)

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Very nice, if there was a way to incorporate TSA checkpoint wait times that would be awesome.


Is this service free or do I have to pay?

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Sounds like an awesome idea! Good luck!

You may want to add a website favicon and tab title ;)

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Wow is all I have to say, the whole idea and what you are displaying so far shows how well though out everything is. Great idea and I can definitely see growth in the future.

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Sorry guys :/ I’ve been a little bit busy ;-)

Please suggest that on our forum! I’m pretty sure you’ll have an answer tomorrow!

For the moment, everything is free!

Thanks @DipperDolphin ! Will transfer that to the CTO ;-)

Thanks! You can expect some amazing and big things in a very near future! You can’t imagine how we work behind the scenes! PAX will be (I think) very popular around the world.

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I am sorry, what is the difference between your site and the amazing platform called Flight Report?